A Return to Arms (or Paintbrushes)


2.28.2007-6.08.2006 equates to unforgivably lax blogging on my part. I've been chronically bad at it. It's like quitting smoking... no matter how strong the desire is, it's far too easy to keep putting off the first step towards doing it. That said, this hopefully will signal a return to arms, so to speak.

In the past 8.5 months of ignoring the web, I've been through quite a few things.... survived two months in rural New York at the Chautauqua School of Art, at long last (and after many hectic dealings with Financial Aid and the Registrar) received my BFA from American, and learned yet more about the perils and joys of museum prep and installation at the American University Museum Quick, what's the connection between all three?

Tomorrow, I'll have a review of Anatomies, Graham Caldwell's current show at G Fine Art.

Til then, a couple drawings from the last week, as I now have some amount of leisure to get back to continuing my work. Click thumbnails for larger images.



Awards! And Recent Work

After being sick in bed all Thursday last week, I was more than pleasantly surprised to wake up that evening and find something in my inbox that wasn't spam. In fact, quite the opposite - I was quite happy to find that I am this year's recipient of the Washington Printmakers Gallery & Washington Print Club Excellence in Printmaking Award for undergraduate printmaking students. So thanks to my teachers & department chair for nominating me! I'll be showing a print at the WPG sometime this fall - more information when I know about it.

On that note, here's some images of one of my more recent prints. Untitled, but I like I refer to it as the P3 Last Supper because of the one (intentionally) misregistered print. 14 silkscreen and toner prints - each sheet 8"x10". Unfortunately the subtleties of the prints are extremely hard to capture in a photo, but oh well. The photographic element is actually directly printed with a laser printer over (and under) the silkscreen layers. The last few months of the semester I was exploring ways in which to effectively integrate digital printing with traditional printmaking techniques.





Installed in Katzen Art Center but don't tell anyone or AU will try to charge me!

Al-Zarqawi Killed

As reported by the Washington Post this morning, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in an airstrike last night.

What's this got to do with the purported theme of my blog, since I don't make posts not related to art on here? Well... the US government sure knows how to present photos, don't they?

Photo from washingtonpost.com

Maybe Jack Rasmussen can get them to loan AU the photo for a late-term addition to Visual Politics: The Art of Engagement!


Completely Artworld Irrelevant

But after... 6? 7? years... I am finally seriously trying to quit smoking. So if any subsequent posts seem a little overly angry... bear that in mind.


Big Al Carter

If you happened to miss it, the Post's Magazine section had a nice front page article this Sunday on the infamous "Big Al" Carter. I was fortunate enough to meet him about a year and a half ago at the Pearl in Alexandria before it moved to Skyline (I'm still kind of ticked off about that since I live 2 blocks from it's old location). What makes this article particularly interesting - in light of the usual ado about the Post's coverage/non-coverage of DC art - is that it's in the Magazine section in the first place, written by a Post staff writer who it would seem is not affiliated with the Post's art coverage.

Meanwhile today there was a online discussion with the article's author, which brought up some interesting, thought not exactly new, points about DC's art scene and commercial viability - both specifically with regards to DC as it is for living artists, and in considering artists as "African American" artists.

For my part I can't really remember now whether or not Big Al said he got an MFA from AU, but I do distinctly remember him mentioning AU and the department advisor, who equally well remembered him.

Edit - if someone can clarify whether Big Al did actually go to AU or not, let me know, I hate not knowing things.

A New Return

OK, this is the second (or third) time I've taken a prolonged absence from blogging. The end of the semester and numerous other things going on with my jobs kept me a bit too distracted to spend much time writing. Things will continue apace now, however.

To start things off again, many thanks to JT @ Thinking About Art for offloading a ton of MDF, which I'm already putting to good use. Images of new work, both from the end of the semester and what I'm working on now coming shortly.


New Pieces: P3 and Mardi Gras

First update of April! And not in fact an April Fool's joke. Finished these two pieces about two weeks ago. On view at the AU Museum til.... tomorrow. But since you probably haven't been there, here they are. Click the thumbnails for a full size image.

25.5” x 25.5” x ~4”
March 2006
concrete, wood, masonite, shellac, enamal spraypaint, construction chalk in oil and alkyd mediums

Mardi Gras
21” x 10”
March 2006
digital print, shellac, acrylic serigraph on Rives BFK